Detoxification of the body – a fashion trend in recent years

How necessary this procedure really is, what methods are effective, and which ones should be refrained from – the review of Meth detox in Orange County will help to understand this. In order not to harm the body in a blind pursuit of fashion, let’s first analyze the basic concepts, and then turn to practical questions.

What is the detoxification of the body and why is it needed?

Detoxification is the elimination of toxins from the body. Do you think this problem is not relevant for you? It is possible, but first let learn more about the toxins themselves.

What are toxins?

The word “toxin” comes from the Greek toxikos, which means “poisonous”. Simply put, toxins are poisons that accumulate inside us at the cellular level.

How do they end up in our body? The main source is the environment. Poisons penetrate into our body with food, water, from the air and through the skin. The source of toxins can also be intestinal parasites – helminths, ascarids and the like. Poisonous bacteria and viruses poison us with their poisons. In fact, the infectious disease is nothing but the poisoning of the body with the products of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms. Normally, a healthy body gets rid of accumulated toxins on its own. Natural detoxification is one of the main functions of the liver and kidneys. “Waste” is taken out of cells with blood, which, in turn, is filtered by the liver. A harmful “infiltrate” leaves the body together with urine, then breathing.

Why detoxification is necessary

Until recently, the term “detoxification” was found mainly in the lexicon of drug treatment doctors. It was used in situations when alcohol-poisoned organism no longer copes with self-cleansing of poisons and required medical help. However, in recent years, there is an increasing need for artificial stimulation of cleansing from poisons, even for people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Why is this happening?

The fault is pollution of the environment. Let’s turn to the ruthless statistics. The World Health Organization testifies that the unsatisfactory ecological situation causes death of more than million people per year. In Orange County, 95% of the urban population is exposed to atmospheric pollution. The situation is exacerbated by the unsatisfactory quality of drinking water, which leads to diseases of vital organs. Soil pollution directly affects the quality of agricultural products consumed. About 90 million people are subject to negative environmental impacts in our country. So, we breathe polluted air, drink water, which does not correspond to sanitary and epidemiological norms, we consume food impregnated with pesticides.

Principles of detoxification

Work on the problem will have to be complex; otherwise all efforts will go wrong. Minimize the risks. Reduce the impact of negative environmental factors. If you use tap water for drinking and cooking, use filters even before boiling. Try to be more in nature, to compensate for a little life in the metropolis. If possible, give preference to products produced in environmentally friendly conditions.