Weight Loss

Five Best Cardio Workouts for Losing Weight

Do you want to shed those extra pounds the best way possible? The answer is in cardio exercises. But how would you know which ones are the best for melting those fats and gaining a slimmer physique? Look at these five best cardio workouts for losing weight:

1. Walking

Walking should be your starting point if you haven’t done any real exercise for the past few months or years. It is an excellent starting point for individuals who are obese or are recovering from injuries because of the relatively low intensity and wide availability. Almost anyone can don a pair of rubber shoes and start walking around the park or their neighborhood to start losing weight. You can also take walking as your starting point for the more vigorous cardio workouts in a session. This cardio exercise burns up to 400 calories per hour.

2. Cycling

Cycling is about the same as running, but with one major advantage- it is considered as a low-impact exercise that provides big results. Much like walking, it is ideal for almost everyone, except for those who are injured. You can take up cycling in two ways- via a stationary bike positioned in your bedroom, living room or personal gym, or outside in parks and within your neighborhood. The good thing about cycling is that there’s usually some settings you can fiddle with to change the intensity or resistance as you cycle. This cardio exercise burns up to 600 calories per hour.

3. Swimming

Swimming is the ideal cardio exercise during summertime and for when you need a full body workout. Incidentally, this exercise is also great for burning up a ton of calories. The low impact aspect involves the water providing a cushion as you swim, so there’s little to no chances of injury. You can swim using the normal freestyle stroke, or try out other ones which target a specific muscle group. Like most cardio workouts, you can change the intensity and burn more fat in the process.

4. Jumping Rope

One of the most efficient ways to lose weight is to regularly do jump rope workouts. Doing this exercise can burn a thousand calories per hour if you do it the right way. You may need to practice at first to hone your skills at rope jumping, then increase the length of time to about 15 minutes for maximum weight loss results. As a high-impact exercise, it’s best to limit it to shorter durations as it can wear down your hip and lower legs.

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High Intensity Interval Training is a newer cardio exercise method designed to help individuals lose weight more efficiently. This workout involves a combination of high intensity activities that assists in the weight loss process. Plus, it activates your metabolism rate to consume more calories and fats in the next 24 hours. The idea in HIIT is that the body is thrown off balance with a variety of cardio exercises to keep the body in its toes. An example of a HIIT workout is cycling for about 2 minutes for a moderately-paced activity, then immediately switching to running, swimming or jumping rope for one minute for a high-paced activity.