Weight Loss

How to kickstart your weight loss journey with a fitness tracker

With the holidays over and the eating sprees starting to show on our bellies, many of us are starting to think a little more seriously about our weight. If you’re looking to kick-start your weight loss journey with a fitness tracker, we’ll be glad to assist.

But first, if you’re still looking for the right fitness tracker, check the different types of FitBit at Harvey Norman. Fitbit is best known for their top-quality and intelligent step-trackers. They created many comprehensive fitness-tracking applications both for their watches, websites and even for mobiles. There is a free version of impressive apps available, so you don’t really need to worry about missing out on functionalities even if you don’t purchase paid apps.

Basic fitness tracking. The best way to get started with your weight loss journey using your fitness tracker is to keep track of exercises, current weight, and calorie intake. Fitbit makes this straightforward, by letting you document measurement in imperial or metric units. It also boasts a wide variety of activities for you to maximize your exercise, including GPS navigation, Wii games, and active occupations.

Food planning. As you know, NOT eating at all isn’t healthy – eating RIGHT is. If you’re really serious about losing weight, then it will be useful to calculate your ideal calorie intake daily. Fitbit allows you to calculate a food plan that works for you. It takes account of your current weight, desired weight, height and activity levels, as well as proposed intensity of regime. After the food plan is set, Fitbit will update your remaining calorie intake for the day based on how much you’ve eaten and how much energy you’ve burned.

For instance, if you go an extra-long run in the morning, your food plan will allow for a few extra calories for you, while still keeping towards your goals. Once glance at your dashboard will tell you whether your daily food requirements are being met appropriately.

Data tracking. In addition to basic tracking, you can use your fitness tracker to calculate your heart rate at different states of exertion while working out. You can also monitor your glucose levels, blood pressure, water intake as well as your sleeping habits through the tracker. You can also record specifics in the journal, including prompts to store your allergic reactions or your mood.

There is also the ability to add a custom tracker where you can quickly choose the title, units, and measurements yourself. You can then use this to document your medication, dress size, waist measurement, or whatever else is useful for you to track alongside your weight and fitness goals.

Using mobile app. You can make full use of your Fitbit fitness tracker by installing its applications for iOS, Android, or logging into their mobile site, which incorporate all of these tracking mechanisms and food calculators, which makes it quick for you to watch your diet, record things on the go, and track your progress and stay dedicated towards your goals.

At the end of the day – and as usual, your level of commitment and drive to meet your weight loss goals will dictate how successful you’ll be.