Skincare Tips Even the Manliest Man Should Follow

Not every guy cares about fine lines, wrinkles, under eye bags, or having youthful looking skin, but it goes without saying that every man cares about how they look. Keeping up your outer appearance boosts your confidence, opens the doors for opportunities, and even makes you approachable to the ladies. If you’re going to look your best, however, having healthy looking skin is a great place to start. Outside of washing your face, shaving your stubble, and throwing on some cologne, here are some skincare regimens every guy should follow for better looking skin.

Invest in Skincare Products

Your skin is sensitive, especially on your face. The harsh soaps you use on the rest of your body aren’t always appropriate for your face. It can cause dryness, breakouts, and damage your skin. So, be kind to your skin by investing in skincare for men. You don’t have to go all out and get the facial masks, peels, and creams that your wife, mother, or daughter might get, however. You can opt for a simple step solution that includes a wash, exfoliant, and moisturizer. As you purchase skin care products, be sure to read the ingredients. The more natural they are, the better it is for you. Then, start using these products in the morning and at night for the best results.

Prep the Skin Before Shaving

Shaving burns, cuts, and razor bumps are all common concerns for men. You can eliminate a lot of this by simply preparing your skin before shaving. Some men make the mistake of shaving on dry skin which can lead to irritation. Instead, splash your face with warm water to open the pores and use a moisturizer or shaving gel to keep the skin moist for a closer shave.

Find the Right Razor

Another part of the problem with shaving for men is that they don’t have the appropriate razor. Though any razor with a sharp enough blade can get rid of the hairs on your face, they aren’t all created equally. You need to select a razor that is optimized for clean, safe, shaves every time. While electric razors are bad for shaving (lots of hair bumps and an unclean finish) and multi-blade razors tend to scrape your face and cause skin irritation, you can find double-edge and single blade razors with easy to grip and flexible handles that are proven to be the best for the job.

Always Wear Sunscreen

The sun may feel great beating down on you but it can wreak havoc on your skin. To keep damage from UV rays to a minimum, you must protect your skin. This means wearing sunscreen all year long. You also want to avoid common sunscreen mistakes by applying sunscreen before leaving the house, purchasing skincare products that have SPF protection, and opting for SPF protection of 30 or more.

So, maybe you don’t care about having soft, subtle, glowing skin or reducing the fine lines, wrinkles, and bags from under your eyes, but you do care about how you look. Whether you consider yourself a macho man or a metro guy, looking good starts with taking care of your skin. If you want to feel great, impress the ladies, or embark on new opportunities, make a good first impression by developing a skincare routine.